If you're tired of settling for your circumstances and are ready to break free, you've come to the right place.

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Meet Caroline.

Hi, I’m Caroline and thanks for stopping in! Wondering what I do? I help people who feel stuck. Stuck in life circumstances they don’t know how to break free from. Stuck with fears, anxiety, and doubt. I help people who feel disconnected from who they are and haven’t truly known their authentic selves.

Why do I do this work?

I do this work because I was once there too. I was in a dead end job with no hope in sight, feeling like life was going nowhere. I was stressed, anxious, and couldn’t find a way out. So, I went searching. I worked with energy healers and hypnotherapists. I read book after book, watched video after video. Eventually, I realized that every external circumstance was dependent upon my alignment with my inner-self. Now, I cherish my existence. I’m living in sunny LA in a life filled with abundance, freedom, divine relationships, and deep clarity. I’ve mastered the powerful tools that changed my life and fully aligned me with my authentic self. And now, I get to help others walk their aligned path, experience the same transformation I’ve found, and live the magical life I now know everyone can live.

Ready to Join the Party?

Partnered with The Alignment Academy, each month Caroline offers a live online group hypnosis session. Anyone can join in this popular transformational experience.

What's Caroline's Expertise?

Caroline Lehan, CMHt is a Master Hypnotherapist, EFT/Tapping Practitioner and Energy Healer. She works with clients all over the world helping men and women of all ages find freedom from their inner barriers, reconnect with their purpose and break free from their biggest struggles.


Releasing Fear and Anxiety

Do you struggle to break free from a deep sense of uneasiness? It is not supposed to be there. I have helped clients from all different backgrounds go from constant anxiety to their natural state of ease and clarity.

Tired of the band-aid solution and want the real fix for fears? Most people don’t realize anxiety has a root cause, that with the right tools, can be fully dealt with. Want to know how? Get in touch.
How to Overcome

Feeling Stuck

Do you want to make a career change? Do you feel unfulfilled and worn down? My clients align with their next big move in life and level up to their true purpose, an unexpected surprise for some. Change can happen really fast!

Feeling stuck? Stuck in circumstances making you feel powerless with no way out? Bad relationship patterns you just can’t stop? The only thing standing between you and where you really want to be are the barriers in your mind to your heart. Get in touch to learn more.
Tired of Feeling


Discover your authentic self and set yourself free. Feel the deep-rooted confidence of stepping into who you really are and knowing your unique life’s purpose! There is no sweeter joy than being yourself and being where you want to be.

Feel like life is missing something? Lacking purpose, joy or meaning? Life is supposed to be a blissful experience, everyone has a purpose and there’s only one place to find it and I can help you get there. Get in touch for the full scoop.
Are You Interested In

Group Hypnosis & Seminars

Caroline currently offers powerful group hypnosis sessions in the Los Angeles area. If you're looking to deepen your connection with your inner being, explore past lives or explore your subconscious mind in a safe, fun environment look further.
Get in touch if you'd like to host or attend a group hypnosis event
Online Transformation

Virtual Hypnosis

New to the world of hypnosis and want to give it a try in the comfort of your own home? Once a month Caroline offers a free online virtual group hypnosis session. 
Click here to join the hypno.party

A Gift From Me To You

Every week I set aside a little bit of free time to help others in need. If you feel like you're stuck in life, need purpose, want help in learning how to overcome your fears and anxiety get in touch. We'll hop online for a 30 minute video call and I'll tell you exactly what's keeping you stuck and what to do about it.

Click here to claim your gift.

"Caroline is a national treasure as far as I’m concerned! Before seeing her, I pretty much spent every moment I was awake thinking about money. The very next day after the session, I felt a nudge to go through with a plan I’d been holding onto of posting my apartment for rent to make some extra cash, and within hours of my listing going live, I had received 3 requests to rent it."
"It's difficult for the logical side of my brain to comprehend how much of a positive effect sessions with Caroline have had on my life. "
"Caroline, I have to tell you that everything that you have taught me so far has worked! I got an offer to work at a pediatric hospital which has been my dream for quite some time now. Everyday I take inspired action and silence the voice in my head that wants to hold me back."
You know something I wanted to tell you. You are excellent and I feel so good. Thank you thank you! I seem to have more mental space in my head to focus on things that I was procrastinating with. It’s amazing to me because it seems clear now where before I couldn’t see it was foggy. I’m so glad I found you and this experience, truly enlightening!!"
"Caroline is a deeply intuitive person which makes her great at what she does. I’d absolutely recommend her services and already have to several friends.”
“Caroline possesses a unique gift. Our sessions have been extremely effective and fascinating journeys into the subconscious. We did a regular hypnotherapy session and then we did a past life regression session. It was pretty mind blowing, and now even my husband wants to do a session! I highly recommend it.”
“After one session I stopped smoking and have stayed smoke free. I have referred a number of friends to Caroline as well and they’ve all had profound experiences working with her on a number of different issues. I would recommend that anyone who has ever considered or been curious about hypnosis try it. And I could not imagine a better person to work with than Caroline. She is an extremely talented and caring person. I am so grateful I was curious enough to give it a shot.”
"Before working with Caroline I felt like I was carrying deeply rooted emotions that were holding me back from the freedom I craved. She made me feel completely safe and relaxed as she guided me through a past life regression that provided increased clarity, understanding of myself and a release of emotions that no longer served me. She is a gifted and beautiful soul. I can't thank Caroline enough and highly recommend her."
"I had never experienced hypnotherapy before until working with Caroline. I was looking to unstick some physical challenges I had been experiencing of late. I felt safe trying something new, was guided and my body responded quickly to her kind and thoughtful approach. Even though I believed I had completed healing of a childhood experience, I was shown there was more to do. She supported my inner being, by encouraging it to take control. I finished my session and regained my awareness feeling accomplished and that what was need had been done. I highly recommend Caroline, she is wise beyond her years."
"I had an amazing session with this wonderful practitioner, Caroline I had never experienced hypnotherapy and purposefully did not search info on this healing modality because I desired to experience it without knowledge or any perception I would have created. I was delighted with the experience and she definitely dug up an aspect I was aware of but had no idea how it played into my unworthiness story. The clarity of the unworthiness was evident through a relaxed meditative state and questioning. Healing took place immediately and I have a totally different feel, (positive) for this story. I now have a connection and commitment with self each night Thank you for the wonderful experience , I highly recommend Caroline for an amazing healing session"

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The Journey to Real Change Begins With YOU.

Every week I set aside some time to gift individuals with 30 minutes to connect with me to talk about where you feel stuck and what to do about. 

If you feel like you need help getting unstuck, finding freedom, overcoming fears and anxiety,  letting go of overwhelm or reconnecting with the deeper part of you get in touch. I'd love to hear from you and I'd love to help.